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CX is a professional manufacturer of speaker components, and the only supplier with technical know-how and development on T-yokes, upper plates, U-yokes, and aluminum cones, CX products are widely recognized and used by world renowned speaker manufacturers in the world. Traditionally, the grooves inside the U-yoke are normally done by machining, leaving small steel debris adhere in the U-yoke, affecting the acoustics performance of the speaker. With further research on new tooling and enhance product quality in mind, CX successfully developed one-piece U-yoke, not just to reduce the machining process, but the savings on raw material and overall costs. With the growing concerns on protecting the environment, CX is contributing efforts to save the earth by implementing cyanide free alkaline plating process, substituting the hazardous hexavalent (Cr6+) to the safe-to-use trivalent (Cr3+) plating chemicals. In addition, CX products comply with RoHS (Restriction of Hazardous Substances), WEEE (Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment) and REACH (Registration, Evaluation, Authorization and Restriction of Chemicals) regulations.

Cold forging process

Cold forging process Cold forging processI. Various tonnage (from 250 to 2000) cold forge presses, able to produce different sizes products upon clients’ request.

Progressive Die Forging II. For clients’ request, CX invest the progressive die forging for decreasing the process variation, enhancing the production efficiency and quality.

SolidWorks 3D CAD Design

Precision stamping processPrecision stamping processFor saving the cost and the development cycle, CX use SolidWorks to build up 3D models and do the computer aided engineering.

Metallographic analysis

Precision stamping processPrecision stamping processCX use metallographic analysis to ensure the material’s quality of products and dies.

Precision stamping process

Precision stamping processVarious tonnage (from 25 to 260) precision stamping equipment, able to produce different sizes products upon clients’ request.

Precision machining process

Precision machining processVarious precision machining equipment, i.e. CNC lathing equipment, NC lathing equipment, CNC compound lathing equipment, and NC instructional table lathing equipment, with central process control program to convert from CAD to CAM. CX is able to provide different precision machining process upon clients’ request.

Factory automation

Automation Implement machining automation and robot to reduce the labor cost and stabilize the production quality.

Anti-corrosion surface treatment on metal

Precision machining processPrecision machining processPrecision machining processCX can provide both rack (hang) type and barrel type anti-corrosion surface treatment, able to meet clients’ requests on salt fog testing, wetting tension testing, plating thickness, and environment testing. In addition, CX uses trivalent chromium chemical as well as non-cyanide anti-corrosion surface treatment processes in order to meet RoHS environmental requirement.

Precision drawing and forming of aluminum

Precision drawing and forming of aluminumPrecision drawing and forming of aluminumPrecision drawing and forming of aluminumUtilize compounded precision drawing and forming process on different thickness aluminum sheets (from 0.025mm to 0.5mm) to produce cones and membranes at various sizes

Anti-corrosion surface treatment on aluminum

Anti-corrosion surface treatment on aluminumCX can perform anti-corrosion surface treatment on oval and circular shaped aluminum cones, membranes, and dust caps with different colors and sizes (from 20mm to 250mm).

To strengthen new management styles and enhance technical capabilities, CX annually subcontracted training courses for 240 man-hour per month, including management related classes (TPS, 5S, problem analysis and solution, how to inspire employees, industry analysis, etc.), technical related classes (steel material selection and physical properties, forging and manufacturing technology of aluminum, heat treatment, surface treatment, etc.), and quality related classes (internal audit, APQP, MSA, PPAP, SPC, GD&T, etc.). CX will continue the efforts on improvement of production and technology via external trainings, and the on-job internal trainings to intensify technical abilities.

With ISO/TS16949:2002 quality system certification, CX products are more competitive and advantageous in the market. With more than 40 years involvement in the speaker industry, CX is one of the largest speaker components manufacturer in the world. Accumulating experiences and know-how, with numerous applications of speaker (information, communication, consumer electronics, automobile, etc.), we foresee there lies large room for growth in speaker industry, combining with CX’s know-how and technology, we can create more value by grasping the development trend.

Development Capabilities

CX extensively utilizes development capabilities from design, drafting, tooling, processing, equipment, and production management, applies them to all technical fields, i.e. cold forging, precision stamping, precision machining, anti-corrosion surface treatment on metal, precision drawing and forming of aluminum, and anti-corrosion surface treatment on aluminum.

CX strives for the research and development on new production method, new equipment, and new process management, with improvement and automation, in order to raise production efficiency, lower defective rate, and enhance overall competitive advantages. In addition, CX also aims for energy savings and low pollution green production processes.