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CX Technology (CX) is a global leader in cold forging metal components and plastic injection molding components. Founded in 1972, CX is a publically listed company on the Taiwan Stock Exchange. CX has 1200 employees, with principal manufacturing plants located in Vietnam & China.

CX is the leading supplier of cold forged components for automotive speakers. CX has an approximately 20% global market share in this product category. CX’s other products include cold forged automotive components, CNC precision machined products, plastic injection molding speaker components, industrial fasteners and others.

CX has the largest fully integrated cold forging operation in Vietnam with full CNC, electroplating, anodizing and e-coating capabilities.CX is fully ISO 9001, ISO14001 & TS16949 certified.

CX strives to bring complete satisfaction to customers through our comprehensive and professional services; our ability to design and develop multi-use, multi-function components and higher value-added products; and our efficient, fully integrated production operations.

1972 Taiwan operation commenced
1996 Vietnam operation commenced
2000 IPO on Taiwan Stock Exchange
2002 China operation commenced
2004 ISO14001 certified
2007 TS16949 certified
2008 Qualified for Vietnam Mercedes Benz’s vendor evaluation
2009 Cooperation commenced operation with Kamitta Sosei of Japan
2011 Vietnam plastic injection operation commenced
2014 Merrimack River Precision Industrial Corporation operation commenced
2018 CX Vietnam plant expansion, acquisition of new progressive forging machines; industrial robots, electro plating & e-coating lines.

Operation Philosophy

Operation Philosophy

Management Team

Board Members & Supervisors

Albert Ting
Board Member
C.Y. Wang
Board Member
Board Member
J.Y. Liu
Board Member
M.L. Lin
S.R. Lii
Y.C. Hung


Chairman & General Manager
Albert Ting